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My most recent Tweets

First, welcome to my Twitter thingy. Here are my most recent tweets:

My Twitter Policy

  1. I do not think that Twitter is about What one is doing? but more like What's on one's mind right now?
  2. I intent to tweet about interesting or stupid stuff that is just informative or amusing to me. Do not expect me to tell you about all the details of my life.
  3. I might send out several tweets in just a few minutes or no tweets during several weeks. Twitter is fun for me, it is not an obligation.
  4. I will read your @replies to my messages but do not expect me to answer them. If you really want me to answer something then send me an eMail.
  5. Long story short, on Twitter I do what I do, when I want to do it. If you do not like that then unfollow me.