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A gift for me???


This page is mainly intended for my family and friends. It shall provide a brief guideline for those people, who are required by social protocol to give me a present.


There are a few things that may not be a good idea, if you want to give them to me:

  1. Do not give me any plants: No matter what the florist assures you when you buy them, they will never survive for long, when I am around.
  2. Do not give me any decoration for my flat, before contacting me. I really have a very special taste.
  3. Do not give me anything that is related to Star Trek, before contacting me. I probably already have it or might have decided not to buy it intentionally.
  4. Do not give me clothing of any kind, before contacting me.


As probably everyone, I prefer personal (not necessarily expensive) gifts.

If you are completely without any idea, you can check my Amazon - Wishlist. Be aware, the items listed there are probably too expensive for presents. Nevertheless you might get a better idea of what I like.